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THE NOVA Reiners Difference:


There are many approaches to training reiners, one thing is certain no single approach is correct for every horse.  NOVA Reiners believes that training reining horses to perform to the best of their ability produces a much better result than forcing them to perform beyond their capability. We believe that a balanced equation of body, mind, and spirit allows a reining horse to be their best and have longevity in their career.  It is pretty uncomplicated, a happy, healthy, sound horse will perform better than a sore, fearful, resentful horse. 


The equation begins with careful observation for health and soundness issues during the various stages of traning, combined with an understanding of what is required for each horse to effectively learn, retain, and perform the maneuvers. Finally, an emphasis is placed on keeping the horse fresh, happy, and willing at their job meaning there will be more good rides.

What to expect


Training a reiner from start to finish takes approximately 18 to 24 months. This timeframe can vary depending on the horse and not all horses can be reining horses.


In young horses, the principles of reining begin immediately in a horse’s training and are built upon to the point of finish. 


Finished and seasoned reiners also benefit from returning to training to sharpen their maneuvers and to work through habits that affect their performance. 


 In fact, just about any horse and rider can benefit from the basic principles of reining like collection, suppleness, and body control.

Now It's Your Turn


So your horse is in training or finished as a reiner, what about you?  No training program for the horse is complete without teaching the rider too.  This where the strong horse and rider teams develop. 


No matter how well trained the reining horse is, the rider must learn how to effectively pilot their horse through the reining maneuvers and be prepared for the different situations that arise when showing or even practicing.


NOVA Reiners encourages you to come take lessons and ride your horse during the  training process. This helps the rider map their horse's progress and get a feel for the transition to a finished horse.  


The more time you spend in the saddle learning with your horse, the better you will perform together as a team.  Good thing lessons are included while your horse is in traning.

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